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South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group logo
Westgate House
Market Street
CV34 4DE
Telephone number
0121 6110134

NHS South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group
Number of member GP practices: 33
Population represented: 278,000
Chair: Dr David Spraggett
Chief Officer: Gillian Entwistle

From April 2013, groups of General Practitioners known as NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) have been commissioning health services for their local populations. Commissioning health services involves identifying the health needs of the population and ‘buying’ the appropriate high quality services necessary to meet these needs within the budget allocated.

CCGs are membership organisations and therefore member GP practices will be central to our work as NHS South Warwickshire CCG.

The function of NHS South Warwickshire CCG is to commission health services needed by the population of South Warwickshire: to assess needs, prioritise and undertake the design and redesign of the new and existing health services, to recommend their procurement by NHS Warwickshire, to manage the indicative commissioning and prescribing budgets of our member practices, and to drive, monitor and govern the whole commissioning process in South Warwickshire.

Committed to driving up sustainable and quality healthcare services that are tailored to their patients, a key area of focus for us is care of the frail elderly – a group that makes up a large proportion of the South Warwickshire population.

Caring for this particular group will involve vital links with secondary and social care. We have already developed close links with Warwickshire County Council and are building the positive relationship that will be the foundation for the joint approach to health and social care services that we will provide to the people of South Warwickshire.

We are also committed to patient involvement and have made great strides in developing a network to involve patients and the public in commissioning.

South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group presently has no vacancies listed in our database.