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Cookie policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your device when you visit our website. They are used to enable our site to function as well as providing statistical information on how our site is used. We also allow the setting of third party cookies.

Types of cookie

Cookies are used for a variety of purposes. The choices you have of whether to accept them or not will depend on the purpose they are used for. Cookies will generally fall into the following categories:

Strictly necessary - these cookies are essential for our site to function. These cookies are exempt from the usual opt-in requirements.

Analytical - these cookies collect statistics on how our website is being used, such as which pages are most visited. They enable us to improve the design and functionality of our site. You have the option of whether to enable these cookies.

Functional - these cookies remember the choices you have made, such as saving your preferred language or region. You have the option of whether to enable these cookies.

Targeting or Advertising - these cookies are used to deliver adverts that are more relevant to you and your interests when you browse the internet. They will often be placed by a third party when you interact with embedded content, such as YouTube and LinkedIn videos and links. You have the option of whether to enable these cookies.

As well as the above categories, cookies can be further classified with the below information. These help to determine which domain is setting the cookie and how long it will remain on your device:

Session cookies - These cookies are temporary and are only active whilst your browser session is open. These cookie will be removed when you close your browser.

Persistent cookies - These cookies have expiration dates and will stay on your device for a set period of time. Once this period has elapsed, they will be removed from your device.

First-party - These are cookies set by us directly. Only we can retrieve their data and we don’t share this information with other sites. Although we work with other third-parties to provide these cookies, only we can view the contents.

Third-party - These are cookies that are set by a different domain. We can’t view or collect any information from these types of cookie.

Managing cookies

If you are visiting from the UK or EEA, you are able to manage your cookie preferences using the embedded cookie preference tool, which can be found by clicking the logo in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, or the button below.

Alternatively, you can also restrict cookies through the settings in your internet browser. Please note however that disabling certain cookies may affect the functionality of our website. Here's how you can do this in some of the most common internet browsers:

Google Chrome:

Internet Explorer:


You can opt-out of all Google Analytics cookies by installing the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on here:

For further information on how to manage cookies from a variety of different browsers, please visit You can also find general information on cookies.

If you are visiting from the UK or EEA, accepting our recommended settings will allow both "Analytical" and "Functional" cookies to be set.

For other regions, all cookies will be automatically set by default. However, you are able to adjust your browser settings to reject cookies if you wish.


Strictly necessary:
These cookies are essential to the operation and security of our website.
Cookie nameProviderPurposeTypeExpiration
_CSRFwww.nursingnetuk.comThis cookie helps to prevent "Cross-Site Request Forgery" (CSRF) attacks.First party - Persistent365 days
OptanonAlertBoxClosedwww.nursingnetuk.comThis cookie is set by websites using certain versions of the cookie law compliance solution from OneTrust. It is set after visitors have seen a cookie information notice and in some cases only when they actively close the notice down. It enables the website not to show the message more than once to a user. The cookie has a one year lifespan and contains no personal information.First party - Persistent365 days
OptanonConsentwww.nursingnetuk.comThis cookie is set by the cookie compliance solution from OneTrust. It stores information about the categories of cookies the site uses and whether visitors have given or withdrawn consent for the use of each category. This enables site owners to prevent cookies in each category from being set in the users browser, when consent is not given. The cookie has a normal lifespan of one year, so that returning visitors to the site will have their preferences remembered. It contains no information that can identify the site visitor.First party - Persistent365 days
Analytics & Functional:
These cookies help us to improve the way our website works, as well as personalising it according to your preferences.
Cookie nameProviderPurposeTypeExpiration
ADRUMwww.nursingnetuk.comAppDynamics - browser performance management tool uses this cookie to collect web performance data and IP addresses.First party - SessionEnd of session
ADRUM_BTcdn.appdynamics.comWritten by the server-side agent when the page is served from an instrumented server. These cookies help correlate browser data with related server-side performance data (Business Transactions). Third party - PersistentA few seconds
prswww.nursingnetuk.comSession ID - preserves your session state across page requests.First party - SessionEnd of session