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Northumbria Primary Care is an innovative not for profit business venture which aims to achieve excellence through collaboration within primary care.

Our model is to bring together visionary general practice teams in an organisation which has the enthusiasm, drive and expertise to shape the future delivery of primary care services.

Established in 2015, the company now runs seven general practices across Northumberland and North Tyneside - you can read more about these individual practices here.

Our GPs care deeply about the communities they live and work in, and being part of NPC still allows them to be responsive to the local needs of their patients.

While each practice retains their local identity, continuing to operate as an individual practice to provide the best patient care for their population, they can do so with the security of being part of a wider network of practices.

This allows practices to deliver the best outcomes to their patients with the right skill mix of staff, greater efficiencies, strong governance and ongoing support and development of staff.

Patients of practices that join NPC will see no immediate change to the care they receive. Their GP surgery will still have the same name, they will still be registered with the practice and be able to contact it in the same way to make an appointment. The people they see at the practice, so the doctors, nurses and support staff, will all be the same.

With their practice part of a bigger group, it does mean that patients should start to see improvements in the service they receive from their GP surgery. This includes more appointment slots and care from a broader clinical team to ensure they are seeing the right person for their care.

GPs are able to share their expertise, knowledge and best practice to ensure consistently high quality care, no matter where a patient is seen.

We have expanded the workforce, introducing new clinical roles to teams to ensure patients are able to be seen by the right healthcare professional at the right time. This includes nurse practitioners, clinical pharmacists, and sexual health doctors working alongside GPs to enhance services traditionally provided by a GP alone.

NPC now serves around 46,000 patients, and we are seeing real results from this way of working with our teams demonstrating positive clinical outcomes for patients above the local and national average:

All six practices achieved more than 98% for QOF in 2016/17 meaning patients with chronic diseases or long terms conditions are reviewed and monitored to the highest standard possible.
Patient satisfaction is high - more than 88.3% of our patients are likely or extremely likely to recommend our service to friends and family
The CQC has rated five of our six practices as good, and work is already underway to improve services in our other practice.
We are a forward thinking organisation and take an innovative approach to working. As part of this culture we are embracing new technologies to improve the services we offer our patients. We now have a centralised appointment system for all our practices which has improved access to our services – more patients are now able to get advice on the same day and urgent appointments.

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