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MK Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is a consortium of GP practices in Milton Keynes. It formed in October 2011 when the two previous CCGs in Milton Keynes, GP Healthcare and Premier MK, joined to form a single overarching CCG for the whole of Milton Keynes.

The role of MK CCG is to turn taxpayers’ money into better health, fewer inequalities and to ensure the public have ready access to effective high quality services that give them a good experience.

The new CCG represents all 27 practices in Milton Keynes and covers the entire Borough, as well as two additional wards in Aylesbury Vale.

MK CCG commissions (plans and buys) local health services for the people of Milton Keynes. Milton Keynes has a registered population of 252,400*.

For more information on clinical commissioning in Milton Keynes and how clinicians are involved, please keep an eye on our news section.

*Research & Intelligence Team at Milton Keynes Council using Population Bulletin 2013/14 data.

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