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Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education (The Deaf Academy) logo
The Deaf Academy,
1 Douglas Avenue,

We are a unique provision in the UK, offering young people with a range of different abilities and challenges – all of whom are Deaf or have hearing loss – a fantastic place to learn and grow. Our vision is to see Deaf people valued by themselves and their society, being confident, well educated, independent, able to communicate, and with good and appropriate employment and housing. 

Our Academy is a warm, friendly and safe place to live and study. We understand that our students are individuals, with unique needs and dreams for the future that deserve to be nurtured and encouraged. We want to ensure that every student who leaves the Academy goes out into the world confident and with the ability to communicate and achieve their goals. 

We encourage our young people to explore their passions and develop a strong Deaf identity, while also supporting them to excel educationally. We are the first UK Deaf School to offer Supported Internships to our College students, and one of the few which offers a bilingual environment, where our students learn in both British Sign Language and English. 

Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education (The Deaf Academy) presently has no vacancies listed in our database.